How to Watch Canoe Marathon

How to Watch Canoe Marathon

National Events

Canoe Marathon is a spectator-friendly sport with lots of our races being viewable from the riverside. If you are not able to get to the race course, all our major events and assessment races are live streamed on our Facebook Group.

International Events

Internationally, live streams are run by the European Canoe Association and the International Canoe Association.

All World Championships and World Cups are now streamed via the PlanetCanoe Recast platform. Recast is a subscription-free, live and on-demand streaming platform which will provide fans with the option to secure access to live coverage and events using credits obtained by engaging with content and products on the platform. Fans can earn additional credits in the Recast platform by watching adverts, sharing data, sharing content and inviting friends as well as purchasing credits if desired. All credits spent on the PlanetCanoe recast platform gets re-invested into the sport and improving the media coverage. For more information, visit the Planet Canoe Recast channel FAQ.

European Championships and events are still streamed via the Canoe Europe Youtube channel.

Watch previous internationals