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Selection Note for the European Championships and Sanabria 2024

Following the conclusion of the May assessments, the Selection Committee met to select the European Championship team, including the Para Demonstration event, and the Sanabria K4 team. The Selection Committee would like to thank Elmbridge Canoe Club for hosting the K2/C2 and K1/K2 races as well as Reading Canoe Club for hosing the Junior Women K2 re-run. The Short Course Nationals, held at Peterborough, was also used to inform these selections.

The Europeans team was selected first. Funding was available for up to five paracanoe athletes, and with four strong athletes available, all were named onto the team. For the Championship event the team size was increased to 16 (from 14) this year to enable the new “first-past-the post” policy. The application of the revised policy saw 13 athletes automatically securing their places. 3 places were released back due to athletes doubling up and only one canoe available. These 3 places were filled using benchmarking across classes. Finally the Selectors optimised the team using the Team Profile Table. Where the program allows, additional entries may be added using the athletes already selected in their lead events. This will be done post announcement after discussion with the athletes, their coaches and the event team leader.  

Finally the Sanabria K4 was selected. For the SMK4, this was selected from the two fastest K2s not selected for the Europeans. For the SWK4, the lead assessment of the K2 at Elmbridge was used with supporting evidence from the Short Course Nationals.

We would like to congratulate the athletes on their selections to their respective teams.


As per the 2024 Selection Policy (published here), any requests to review the selections must be made in writing to the Chair of the Selection Committee, Nanette North at Marathon Selectors within 48 hours of the publication of this document, i.e. by 5pm on Friday 31st May 2024.

Re-schedule of the Junior Women K2 Assessment Race Details

The Junior Women K2 assessment race has been scheduled for Sunday the 26th May at Reading Canoe Club. Please find the following details:

  • Race will run immediately after the Div 1-6 Start
  • Briefing will be at 13:45
  • Start will be at 14:10
  • See the event information on the entries website for information on the venue:
  • The course:
    • 3x 6K laps with 3x downstream portages.
    • Start upstream outside the club
    • Turn above the first island (Fisheries)
    • Portages will be on each lap going downstream opposite the club
    • Bottom turn is around the second island below Caversham Bridge (Demontford Island)
    • Finish will be at the end of the third lap, upsteam outside the club

All athletes who entered the JWK2 at Elmbridge have been contacted and their entry has been transferred. If you need any further information on this event or did not race at Elmbridge but would like an entry, please contact The Chair of the Selection Committee, Nanette North on

Marathon Selection Committee Statement

The Marathon Selection Committee and MRC would like to thank Elmbridge Canoe Club for hosting the K2 assessment race on Saturday 4 May. Congratulations to all the athletes on some close and high quality racing. 

A number of athletes were observed to be racing without their club vests. Please may we remind all athletes that they should wear their club colours for assessment races: you should be proud to represent your clubs at this level, and it aids selectors and spectators in identifying you.

Unfortunately there was an issue regarding the Junior Women K2 where the course was not completed as intended and this resulted in all athletes receiving a DNF. The Selection Committee, MRC and race organisers acknowledge how the course information given has contributed to this unfortunate situation and would like to offer a joint apology to those athletes involved. We will reflect on this to ensure that lessons are learnt and improvements made for future races.

In order for a fair selection process to occur, the Junior Women K2 assessment will be re-run. The provisional date is 26th May. Full details of this event will be published as soon as possible.

European Championships & Sanabria Availability Form

The athlete availability form has been published for the following team selections:

  • Sanabria K4 on the 6th July
  • European Championships and Para Demo event 24 – 28th July

The selection form can be found here: 2024 Euros & Sanabria Athlete Availability Form

To be considered for selection for any of these events, an availability form for each athletes number have been received prior the selection meeting. The deadline for this form is 22:00 on the 17th May.

If you have any questions about or issues with the availability form please direct them to Kat Wilson For information on the selection process and assessment dates, please refer to the 2024 Selection Policy found here. If you have any further questions, please direct them to Nettie North, chair of the Selection Committee, on .

Paracanoe included in updated 2024 Selection Policy

Following the confirmation of paracanoe demonstration events at both the European and World Championships, the selection policy has been updated to include details of team selection for these two events.

Changes can be found in sections 1.2a), 3.2 and 3.4. The policy can be found on the International Selection Page.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the policy. If you have any questions, please direct them to the chair of the selection committee, Nanette North:

K2/C2 Assessment Event Details & Entries now live

The details and entries for the second assessment race of the 2024 season is now live. This race will take place on Saturday 4th May. To find out more and enter, visit the entries page here. Entries close on the 2nd May and there are no late entries.

This assessment race forms the ongoing continuous assessment programme for the 2024 internationals, in particular as lead assessment for Sanabria K4 and European Championships. For full information on the international selection process, visit the policy here.

National Short Course Championships 2024 Entries now open!

The MRC are excited to announce the entries for the third edition of the National Short Course Championships are now open. You see the full event details and enter via our entries site here. This event also is part of the continuous assessment policy named within our selection policy. Full details can be reviewed here.

Entries close on the 2nd May with late entries closing on the 6th May.

We are still seeking volunteers to help out with the day so if you can spare some time, it would significantly help in the event running! Visit our recent website post here to find out more.

2024 World Cup, Waterlands and FISU Canoe Sports Championships Selection Announcement

Following the Assessment Race on Saturday 23rd March, the Selection Committee met to complete the selections for the World Cup, Waterlands and University Worlds. The Selection Committee would like to thank Norwich Club for hosting the first assessment of 2024. The wind was very strong but despite this, the starts were well executed and there was a really positive spirit on this day of racing.

Please see below to see the full selection note and statement from the Selection Committee.

We would like to congratulate the athletes on their selections to their respective teams.

Finally, we would like to thank Norwich, all the athletes and supporters for fantastic day of racing.

2024 FISU World University Canoe Sports Championships

On very short notice we have been made aware of an exciting opportunity to race Canoe Marathon at the World University Canoe games in Portugal on the 24th August.

A team of up to 8 athletes will be selected to complete in the following classes: C1W 12km, C1M 16km, K1W 16km, K1M 20km.

BUCS manage the entries and have requested the athlete nominations be completed by 30th March and delegates pay in full by the 12th May. Due to this tight enforced deadline, the only assessment to make the athlete selections is this Saturday, 23rd March, at the K1 / C1 Assessment in Norwich. We apologise for the short notice, however, this was unforeseen and the Selection Committee was keen to offer athletes the opportunity to represent at this event.

All athletes seeking selection must take note of the following:

  • Read the full selection policy which outlines the eligibility criteria, event details and selection process: World University Canoe Marathon Policy
  • Enter and complete at the K1 / C1 assessment on the 23rd March. Entries can be found here: Norwich Assessment Entries
  • Complete an athlete availability form by 22:00 on the 23rd March. The form can be found here
  • Complete a BUCS athlete nomination form by the 30th March. The form can be found here

For full information, please refer to the selection policy as published (link above). If you still have any questions, please direct them to the Chair of the Selection Committee, Nanette North:

World Cup & Waterlands International Team Selection

On the 23rd of March, Norwich are hosting the first assessment of the 2024 season. This assessment will be used as continuous assessment for the 2024 season and will be the selection event for the following international trips:

  • Waterlands – 20th April: Under 23 and Junior Development Team
  • World Cup – 1st-2nd June: Senior and Under 23 Development Team

Athletes seeking selection for either of these events must complete the below Availability Form by 22:00 on the 20th March 2024.

To enter the assessment race in Norwich, visit our entries page here. Late entry fees apply from 13:00 on the 21st March.

Details of the events and the selection process can be found in the 2024 International Selection Policy. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Chair of the Selection committee, Nanette North, at