Race Organiser’s Pack

Race Organiser’s Pack

There’s quite a lot to organising and running a canoe marathon event. Below is a list of different elements you need to think about and do for it to be a successful event.

What you need to think about beforehand

  • Check ahead possible local conditions relating to:
    • Other sporting events
    • Fishing season
    • Boating season
    • Weed or likely river conditions
    • Tides
  • Check local users and facility availability or clearance for:
    • Clubhouse
    • Parking
    • Toilets
    • Other river/towpath users dates
    • Canal and Rivers Trust
    • Local authority
  • Appoint Event Safety Officer(s) and/or get them appropriate trained on the 3-hour Event Safety Management training course run by PaddleUK
  • Get the main organising team to meet and arrange a suitable date
  • In the last August before event, submit a calendar entry online, with alternatives dates

Once the date has been confirmed

  • Arrange race organisation team and meet as necessary
    • Arrange additional insurance if needed
    • Contact/inform police and other services as necessary – the local council Safety Advisory Group are normally very helpful in connecting all these services together and giving feedback on your event paperwork
    • Think about how you are going to advertise your event
    • Is there some sponsorship you could source for it?
    • On the day arrangements
  • 1 month before or earlier, sort out entries page on our site and send out the advertisements for the event – social media, MRC social media (contact the comms team)

About 2 weeks before the event, complete the essential set-up tasks

  • 2 weeks before or earlier:
    • Complete Risk Assessment, upload to entries site and forward it to RMA
    • Brief marshals
    • Assemble or check safety equipment
    • Confirm all tasks and volunteers needed, particularly marshals, starters, finishers, results
    • Download Event Toolkit template and other forms from PaddleUK or MRC website
  • Day before:
    • If you are using the entries system for your event, download the ranking list file off the rankings page on the entries system. Note – you must be logged in to access.
    • If you are not using the entries systems for your event,, you will need to download a blank template for your entries using the file below.
    • List any issues for checking in, such as fees or evidence of PaddleUK membership

On the day or just before

  • Carry out a final course and conditions check
  • Mark out the course
  • Checking in – ensure membership, Event Toolkit issues dealt with, late entries
  • Briefing contents:
    • Domestic issues of venue
    • Safety issues
    • Rules
    • Course(s) being used
    • Combined starts for inquorate classes and special arrangements if very low numbers or split starts
    • Start order
    • Allow time for some questions
  • Starts
  • Finishes
  • Deal with any issues
  • Publish provisional results through the race entry software
  • Prize-giving
  • Keep any result lists/videos/notes

After the event

  • Check all information in results file for membership numbers, expiry dates, etc.
  • Immediately complete race management software file(s) and forward to RMA, Ranking Officer and Race Records Officer with report of any necessary issues
  • Within 2 days, total the race levy and forward to MRC Treasurer

Things you will definitely need to do

  • Complete the Risk Assessment, containing the welfare/safeguarding plan or create a separate one
  • Register the race organiser and your race on the Race Entry System
  • Download the latest version of the Ranking List and entries file from the entries system – only do this a few days before your race to make sure you get the latest updates
  • Download and print off the PaddleUK Event Ticket Non-Members Event Insurance Form for use with visiting competitors that are not PaddleUK members
  • Report all incidents that occurred during the event using the PaddleUK Incident Reporting Form
  • Total up and remit the Race Levy either by cheque or by online banking

The above is all detailed within the Hasler Race Process

Other useful information