Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Who we are

This is the official website for the PaddleUK Marathon Racing Committee (MRC).


This website provides focused information to Canoe Marathon athletes, their families, their clubs and their coaches, as well as anyone interested in finding out more about the sport of canoe marathon. That information is loaded onto the website only by the administrators of the website, no-one else. The website does not offer the ability to comment on the information and there is no need for anyone to log into the website so, accordingly, the website does not create any cookies; there is no need.

However, by law we are obliged to show a cookie consent notice and, ironically, this is the only part of the website that creates cookies!


Most of the images used on this website are the property of Antony Edmonds, official photographer for PaddleUK. The others, which are very few in number, remain the property of their owner.

Embedded content from other websites

In general, this website does not embed content from any other website. In preference, it provides a link to the content on the website that hosts the content. In the vast majority of times, these links are to the PaddleUK website, but may also be to other canoe marathon related websites.

Tracking your movement around the website

This website does not track your movements and, importantly, this website does not allow any third-party tracking.

Who we share your data with

This website does not share your data with anyone else.

When there is the need for to register an interest for an event or to respond to a consultation, that is done on the PaddleUK website, not this one. This website will link you to the PaddleUK website for this purpose.