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Seeking Volunteers – Short Course Nationals 2024

We are seeking volunteers to help us run the National Short Course Marathon Championships 2024 on Sunday 12th May. Whether it’s helping with set-up on the Saturday or marshalling during the racing or even commentary, we need your help to make this amazing event even better. There are roles to suit everyone and every different time commitment.

If you are interested in volunteering even a little amount of time over the weekend, fill in the below form and the Short Course Nationals Race Leads will be in contact in due course. Thank you for helping us to make this discipline even better!!

Safety Reminders: Marathon Races

Following a number of incidents over the past 12 months, race organisers are reminded of the recommendation in Part C of the Marathon Racing Rules. See below for a summary of Item 3 from Part C.

3.      SAFETY

Safety measures are largely at the discretion of the organiser, since courses and conditions vary considerably. All paddlers ranked in Divisions 7, 8, & 9 or competing in GST and fun races must wear a buoyancy aid [Rules 5 (a)(v) and 56 (a)]. Make sure you have adequate safety cover for all GST and Div 9 races.  On the open sea it is wise to insist on buoyancy aids for all. On open water, rescue boats are very important. Ensure that no one is stranded or lost halfway round the course; it is important to account for all competitors. On calm water it is usually sufficient to have a back marker paddling the course. Marshals at turns and portages should carry safety equipment including an absolute minimum of space blanket or similar, throw line and mobile phone. Where possible a checklist of boat numbers will help marshals tick off those who have passed them.

All Race organisers shall appoint a Safety Officer, prepare a Risk Assessment and Safety Plan well ahead of their event and put in hand appropriate safety measures. Risk Assessments must be forwarded to the Regional Marathon Advisor before the event.

Paddlers, parents & Team Leaders are also reminded how important it is to keep race organisers informed of information such as health issues, retirements or incidents that may occur during a race.

Updated Committee Roles for 2023/2024

Following the ACM and the new Marathon Racing Committee’s first meeting in September, the committee roles for 2023/2024 have been confirmed. You can now view the full list of roles and contact details here.

After 20 years of looking after the money, David Enoch has decided to step down from the role of Treasurer. From the 1st November, Joe Fitzpatrick will officially take on the role, after shadowing David for the last six months. David will still sit on the committee and will be supporting the transition over to the new Treasurer. If you wish to contact Joe, his email is All enquires around budget, race levys and more should go to Joe from the 1st November. We thank David for his incredible work that he has done in this role over the last twenty years as a volunteer.

Updated Club Colours for Gloucester Canoe Club in 2023 Season

Gloucester Canoe Club have announced new club racing colours for their club which is active as of now for the 2023 season. Club members will be wearing the below vest while racing but might still wear the old vest for the time being.

You can view all active club racing colours on our website here.

Race Insurance

We understand that some clubs have recently had their race permissions returned from the CRT saying that they/BC did not have enough insurance, which may be due to supplying the wrong document. The CRT require £10,000,000 and the BC insurance is structured as £5,000,000, that is then insured with another Â£5,000,000, and which is confirmed in this document – To Who It May Concern Letter.

This was covered in the webinar with the insurance company in November 2022, which is available from the Clubhouse Archives page.

Major Events 2022 Community Survey

Nattional Marathon Championships 2022

To review, reflect and build on the successes of the 2022 Major Events Season, the MRC Major Events team is seeking feedback from the community of paddlers, coaches and clubs to allow us to make our events even better for the future.

Please fill out the following form for any of the major events you attended this year. If you did not attend one or two of the major events detailed, please skip onto the next section.

David Green

The MRC was saddened to learn of the passing of David Green. Amongst his many roles, David was Secretary of the Marathon Committee in the 1980’s, acting as Chair from 2000 to 2003, and was President of Exeter Canoe Club.  His influence can be seen throughout our sport – from his significant involvement in the early days of marathon racing, joining the Long Distance Racing Committee in 1958 and serving in various roles including National Coach and International Secretary; to the innovative design and development of modern racing boats at Kirton Kayaks.  However, perhaps most importantly, his legacy will live on through the time and energy he gave to many, many paddlers over the years, who all owe him a great debt.  A tribute to David from British Canoeing can be found here, and from Kirton Kayaks here.  Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

Guidance issued for a period of National Mourning

Following the release of the government’s National Mourning Guidance and advice from key stakeholders, please find here the British Canoeing guidance for events held during this time.

SUPs at Hasler Races

Following a recent request regarding SUPs in Hasler races, below is a note from the MRC Minutes of November 2018 –

Item 7 Domestic Racing – Point g. “It was agreed that these craft (including SUPs) should not be forced upon race organisers, but race organisers would be free to accept entries from such craft in appropriate circumstances, if they felt confident to do so within their risk assessment.” .

Inclusion of SUPs remains at the discretion of the organisers, but the MRC (subject to any concerns raised by the race organiser) would fully encourage SUPs to partake in the marathon events that they oversee.

As they are propelled by a single blade the paddler’s classification would be as for canoe, according to age and gender.

Welcome to the new MRC website

We hope you like the design of the new MRC website and find it easy to use.

A number of pages and sections still need some work, so the website will fill out over time.

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