Month: March 2022

British Canoeing Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

Please find below British Canoeing’s Covid-19 vaccination policy, which is applicable to athletes on all teams and squads, volunteers and officials.

Race Etiquette

It has come to the notice of the MRC that there have been a small number of complaints regarding paddler behaviour during recent events, aimed towards other, slower crews taking part in the same event.  It should be borne in mind that everyone is racing in their respective class, and faster crews should respect slower crews who will also be competing in their own race.  Faster crews coming up behind another boat should try and indicate their presence and avoid conflicts with the crews they are catching and passing.  A friendly warning shout is acceptable, aggression is not.

Additionally, at a recent event the starter was sworn at for not starting the race early, when most but not all crews were lined up.  Such behaviour is totally unacceptable and could lead to disqualification from the event or a longer ban.

Please be courteous towards all other competitors and the marshals at events.

2022 National Marathon Championships

We are pleased to officially announce that the 2022 National Marathon Championships will take place at Worcester Canoe Club on 27 and 28 August 2022.

Many thanks to Worcester CC for agreeing to host the event again.