MRC ACM and Committee Nominations

MRC ACM and Committee Nominations

The MRC 2022 ACM will be held online on Wednesday 13 July at 7.30pm.

A reminder that anyone wishing to stand for a place on the MRC must inform the Secretary (Acting) of their candidacy by 1st June 2022.  They must be a full member of British Canoeing and be proposed and seconded by two other full members.  This year, in addition to the annual election of Chair (currently Stan Missen) we have the following whose terms are up but can stand for re-election: Mick Nadal, David Sackman, Kat Wilson, Siobhan Urquhart and Bryn Price.  There is also a vacancy due to the sad death of James Smythe.

Standing as an elected member of the MRC is a great way to make a difference to our sport and be involved directly in how it is run. Committee members are expected to attend around four meetings per year, and to play an active role in the administration of the discipline in between meetings.

In addition to the annual election for the Chair, other duties currently covered by those named above include deputy chair, secretary to the committee, racing rules, secretary of the selection committee, international team logistics, national events and masters’ racing,

If you are interested in standing and becoming involved in the above, please feel free to contact the Secretary (Acting), Siobhan Urquhart, or the Secretary (Acting) by 1st June, again supported by signatures of two full members of British Canoeing.  Other items may be discussed at the meeting at the Chairman’s discretion.

Email addresses:
Stan Missen – Chair –
Siobhan Urquhart – Acting Secretary –