Selection Note for the European Championships and Sanabria 2024

Selection Note for the European Championships and Sanabria 2024

Following the conclusion of the May assessments, the Selection Committee met to select the European Championship team, including the Para Demonstration event, and the Sanabria K4 team. The Selection Committee would like to thank Elmbridge Canoe Club for hosting the K2/C2 and K1/K2 races as well as Reading Canoe Club for hosing the Junior Women K2 re-run. The Short Course Nationals, held at Peterborough, was also used to inform these selections.

The Europeans team was selected first. Funding was available for up to five paracanoe athletes, and with four strong athletes available, all were named onto the team. For the Championship event the team size was increased to 16 (from 14) this year to enable the new “first-past-the post” policy. The application of the revised policy saw 13 athletes automatically securing their places. 3 places were released back due to athletes doubling up and only one canoe available. These 3 places were filled using benchmarking across classes. Finally the Selectors optimised the team using the Team Profile Table. Where the program allows, additional entries may be added using the athletes already selected in their lead events. This will be done post announcement after discussion with the athletes, their coaches and the event team leader.  

Finally the Sanabria K4 was selected. For the SMK4, this was selected from the two fastest K2s not selected for the Europeans. For the SWK4, the lead assessment of the K2 at Elmbridge was used with supporting evidence from the Short Course Nationals.

We would like to congratulate the athletes on their selections to their respective teams.


As per the 2024 Selection Policy (published here), any requests to review the selections must be made in writing to the Chair of the Selection Committee, Nanette North at Marathon Selectors within 48 hours of the publication of this document, i.e. by 5pm on Friday 31st May 2024.