ACM election results

Many thanks to all those who attended the online 2022 MRC ACM on 13 July 2022.  Apologies again for the problems with the initial Zoom link – these were beyond our control, but hopefully everyone managed to get there in the end.

The results of the elections were:

Chairman – Stan Missen (Bradford-on-Avon)

Committee – Scott Hynds (Elmbridge), having previously been co-opted onto the committee, along with Mick Nadal (Nottingham), Kat Wilson (Reading), David Sackman (Reading), Roland Lawler (Elmbridge), Bryn Price (Maidstone), and Siobhan Urquhart (Banbury), who were all re-elected.  All will serve a period of two years.  Details of the full committee can be found here.

The committee will be meeting on Sunday 11 September 2022 (before the start of the Pangbourne Hasler) with the annual all-day meeting on Saturday 19 November 2022 at Cropredy.  We will continue to consider the issues raised at the ACM and, if you have further comments to make on those, or anything else you would like the committee to discuss, please contact either the chair (Stan Missen), or the secretary (Siobhan Urquhart)

World Masters Marathon Championships – registration now open

The registration website for the World Masters Marathon Championships, Ponte de Lima, Portugal, 26th September to 2nd October 2022, is now open :

To register each athlete must first complete the registration option. This will include the options of booking accommodation and airport transfers.

Each athlete will be allowed to eat lunch at the venue canteen.

On completion you will receive an email with your race ID.  Make a note of this for your records.

Once an athlete has registered, entries can be made to the races you wish to enter. Please note that both athletes need to do the initial registration before using the race entry option as you will need the ID number here.

Bryn Price

2022 European Championships and Sanabria K4 – Final Teams

Following the team announcements on Monday 22nd June there have been a number of changes in the K4 teams. We would like to congratulate Joe Petersen and Mags Dilai on their selection for this event.

The MRC received a number of requests for review for the selection of the 2022 European Championships. One of these requests of review has been upheld by the MRC Selection Committee, and we would like to congratulate Anoushka Freeman on her selection for the U23 K1.

Please find the final teams and the June Assessment data here :

Selections for 2022 European Championships and Sanabria K4

The MRC Selection Committee has announced the teams to represent British Canoeing at the European Championships at Silkeborg, Denmark, and at the Sanabria K4 race. Congratulations to all selected.

Lechlade Junior Regatta and 2K Dash

The Lechdale Junior 200m Sprint Regatta and 2000m Dash is hosted by Devizes Canoe Club. To enter, please email Bev Hunter using

MRC ACM and Committee Nominations

The MRC 2022 ACM will be held online on Wednesday 13 July at 7.30pm.

A reminder that anyone wishing to stand for a place on the MRC must inform the Secretary (Acting) of their candidacy by 1st June 2022.  They must be a full member of British Canoeing and be proposed and seconded by two other full members.  This year, in addition to the annual election of Chair (currently Stan Missen) we have the following whose terms are up but can stand for re-election: Mick Nadal, David Sackman, Kat Wilson, Siobhan Urquhart and Bryn Price.  There is also a vacancy due to the sad death of James Smythe.

Standing as an elected member of the MRC is a great way to make a difference to our sport and be involved directly in how it is run. Committee members are expected to attend around four meetings per year, and to play an active role in the administration of the discipline in between meetings.

In addition to the annual election for the Chair, other duties currently covered by those named above include deputy chair, secretary to the committee, racing rules, secretary of the selection committee, international team logistics, national events and masters’ racing,

If you are interested in standing and becoming involved in the above, please feel free to contact the Secretary (Acting), Siobhan Urquhart, or the Secretary (Acting) by 1st June, again supported by signatures of two full members of British Canoeing.  Other items may be discussed at the meeting at the Chairman’s discretion.

Email addresses:
Stan Missen – Chair –
Siobhan Urquhart – Acting Secretary –

SCN Final Results

Final results for the inaugural Short Course National Championship (by class), and club points.

Promotions have been applied to the class results

Congratulations to all the new National Champions and Norwich for taking the win in the club competition.

Team Announcement for 2022 World Games, World Cup and German Nationals

Following the recent assessment races, the teams for the World Games, World Cup and German Nationals have been selected.  Congratulations to all those selected, and thank you to all those who organised and took part in the races.

British Canoeing Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

Please find below British Canoeing’s Covid-19 vaccination policy, which is applicable to athletes on all teams and squads, volunteers and officials.

Race Etiquette

It has come to the notice of the MRC that there have been a small number of complaints regarding paddler behaviour during recent events, aimed towards other, slower crews taking part in the same event.  It should be borne in mind that everyone is racing in their respective class, and faster crews should respect slower crews who will also be competing in their own race.  Faster crews coming up behind another boat should try and indicate their presence and avoid conflicts with the crews they are catching and passing.  A friendly warning shout is acceptable, aggression is not.

Additionally, at a recent event the starter was sworn at for not starting the race early, when most but not all crews were lined up.  Such behaviour is totally unacceptable and could lead to disqualification from the event or a longer ban.

Please be courteous towards all other competitors and the marshals at events.